The Penghu Islands is selected as one of the top 10 paradise islands worldwide of 2011 by the Lonely Planet, a magazine regarded by backpackers as the tourist bible. The travel guide highly praises the beauty of the islands, its nostalgic aura and the sites for green turtle breeding.

The Penghu Islands is located in the Taiwan Strait, the east of the island of Taiwan about 50 kilometers and west from mainland China about 140km, with a total area of approximately 128 square km.

The guide recommends some places for visit. One is Matsu Temple. Besides worshipping, visitors can pay more attention to the constructions of the temple, including the sculpture on the columns, the paintings on the wall and the rose windows.

The choices of beaches are numerable. The best known is in Chimei. The Twin Hearts Stone Weir along the beach is breathtaking. Large Fruit Leaves Basalt is in the neighborhood. Its grassy slopes extend to the beach area, making it a good spot for fishing.

In addition, the natural landscapes that visitors should not miss are, among many, Chimei Amah Rock, Wind Tunnel Counters, Tongpan Basalt Columns, and so on.

While some tourists may shun Penghu between November and April for its exceptionally strong winds, the guidebook chose it for an impressive windsurfing experience.

For transportation, airlines provides over 100 flights daily departing from airports over Taiwan, and maritime navigation offers up to 25 transports a day.
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